Accounting & Bookkeeping

Regardless of the size of your business, you are required to keep an accurate record of all your financial affairs. Accurate accounting is vital for the management and control of your business.


Preparing your accounts and bookkeeping can use up valuable time. This time could be better spent with you focusing on running your business.

Let us take control of your financial processes. We will always focus on your specific requirements and will tailor our services to offer weekly, monthly or even quarterly computerised bookkeeping services, depending on what you need.

Financial Accounts

Every business is required to complete accounts on an annual basis. These accounts are then used to calculate any tax due to the HM Revenue & Customs, based on the profits and other forms of income derived from your business.

Accurate accounts also provide information about the profitability and stability of your business.

To prepare accounts, it is important you have adequate records detailing the transactions your business makes, including invoices, statements and books of prime entry. Failure to keep adequate records can result in fines being imposed. But, all of this takes time.

Again, let us take the responsibility of preparing your accounts while you focus on your business growth. In addition, we can also provide the following services:

  • Budget & cash flow forecast
  • Monthly, quarterly management accounts
  • Budget comparison
  • Profitability analysis
  • Credit control
  • Customer activity

Performance ratios